Launching in Spring 2021

An intellectual property renewal service firm created to breathe fresh air into the industry

Why FreshAir IP?

Global renewals and annuities have become an antiquated business, ripe for innovation. FreshAir IP offers a brand-new low-cost approach powered by intuitive software designed by industry leaders from IBM and Google that offers unlimited renewals and annuities at cost. You only pay the government fee and (in countries that require it) the agent fee — the same cost as filing yourself! The only fee from us is your monthly-subscription fee. That’s it. No hidden fees, no nonsense.

FreshAir IP is also dedicated to improving not just the industry, but our communities as well. On the local, national, and global scale FreshAir is proudly committing our time, talents, and resources toward positive change.

FreshAir IP Features

Annuities & Renewals

  • Unlimited Renewals at Cost
  • Simple Subscription Plans
  • Flexible Territory Coverage
  • Intuitive Web-based Platform

Welcome to a New Way

FreshAir IP is on a mission to transform the IP renewal process with a cost-saving subscription model and a cutting-edge technology platform, designed to save our partnering organizations time and money. We believe the days of charging per-renewal service fees are over.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Select the plan that fits your needs

Revolutionary Technology Platform

Manage your global IP portfolio with ease

Our Philanthropic Focus

Giving back is one of our founding principles

Make Renewals and Annuities a Breeze

Say goodbye to exorbitant pay-per-renewal service fees.
Say hello to an innovative new approach to managing your IP renewals and annuities.

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